With All Your Heart

Spring Fundraising Campaign

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Yoga shows you how to:

  • get to the heart of things
  • put your heart into life
  • follow your heart
  • open your heart
  • live from your heart

Yoga teaches you to put your heart into whatever you do, especially into your yogic practices. As yoga quiets your mind, you tune into your heart, your own essence. You progress in your practices and your heart swells.

When you open your heart, you naturally want to give from the bottomless depth of your being. You want to contribute. It works the other way too. Swamiji says that when you open your wallet, even a little bit, you open your heart. Giving and sharing are a mark of personal, and yogic, growth. You grow by caring. You grow by contributing.

Spring is nature’s way of blossoming forth. Each spring, the Ashram holds its first of two annual fundraisers. This spring, we ask you to blossom forth. We ask you to share your heart, your joy, your hope with those nearest and dearest to you. We ask you to share the love by donating to the organization and the practices that give you so much.

Do more yoga. Open your heart. Grow by caring. Contribute today!


NEW! Donor Thank Yous

We want you to have a heart-felt momento of your generosity, and even a little motivation to up-level!  



Donations of $ 108 - $ 508 

heart coasters (made of cork)



Donations of $ 509 - $ 1,008

heart box

(with red OM imprinted on top



Donations of $ 1,009 - $2,008

insulated glass mug with heart

(inside the double-wall glass)


Donations of $ 2,009 or more

tiger eye bracelet with heart charm



Contribution Type

Single Contribution - In the amount that fits your heart and your wallet.

Monthly Contribution - Our Board of Directors asks you to consider making a monthly contribution. Along with creating a consistent and significant form of support, monthly contributions help us to forecast, an integral part of our budgeting process, so that we may better serve you.  Monthly Donors giving $15.00 per month or more are eligible for discounted tuition rates.

To discuss your donation, please call us at 610-644-7555.


Payment Method

You can donate on-line or by mail using a check, a credit card or bank account debit.

All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations for 501(c)(3) organizations.

Click here to donate directly to the Ashram, to donate on Facebook click here, or call us at 610.644.7555  Every gift, of any size and frequency, makes a difference.  Thank you.


Create Your Own Facebook Fundraiser

Create your own event, to magnify your capacity to share your heart — with the Ashram — AND with your Facebook friends.  Here’s how to create your own Ashram fundraiser on Facebook:

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left-side menu of your News Feed. Then, click Raise Money and select Nonprofit/Charity.
  2. Type in Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, and click on the link given.
  3. Choose a cover photo, fill in the fundraiser details (we’re happy to provide them) and click Create.
  4. When you’re given the opportunity to decide with whom you want to share this fundraiser, we suggest people who know how much you love your yoga, and who love you!  We suggest you NOT send it to your Svaroopa® yoga friends on Facebook.  Let’s avoid sending the same fundraiser repeatedly to our community.

Either way, after you make a donation, an email confirmation is sent to the primary email listed on your Facebook account.  The email receipt shows that you've made this donation as a charitable contribution, and that you're not receiving any goods or services in return.  Facebook sends your donation directly to the Ashram a few days after you make it.

There are no fees to you, and no fees to the Ashram.  It’s simple and effective.

Want some help creating your fundraiser?  Let us know.  We will call your back and walk you through the steps.  Call 610.644.7555 or email Turn on Javascript!.  It is very easy.

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah

Svaroopa® Yoga

The Yoga of Generosity

“Giving and sharing are a mark of personal, and yogic, growth.  You grow by caring.  You grow by contributing.” 

- Swami Nirmalananda


Click here to donate on our Facebook page.

A quick and easy way to contribute to the yogic organization that gives you so much.

With a click of a button, you can open your heart and give from the depths of your Being.

Or call us at 610.644.7555 to make a donation now.