Invest in Your Ashram – Invest in Your Self

You already know how to invest yourself. You allocate your time, money and energy into what matters to you. Investing means you get a return. When you make a conscious decision to financially support the Ashram, you DO receive a return. Your gift is called “dakshina,” given from your heart, yet it comes from a deeper place, so you experience the inner upwelling of your own joyful Self. This is a spiritual happiness, a profound return on your investment.  And your donation is an investment in the change you want to see in the world. 

"This investment grows an invigorated infrastructure ready to spread more of Swami Nirmalananda’s teachings to you as well as to more seekers."  — Gurupremananda (Lynn) Cattafi Heinlein, SVA Board President 

Donor Gifts & Matching Donations

For every $1 you donate, the Ashram receives $2, thanks to the generosity of your Board members, who have created matching pledges up to $22,000.

Now we are adding Donor Gifts, as a thank you for your generosity.  Swami Nirmalananda has offered sacred ash from our recent fire ceremony in India, plus we have a beautiful golden Lakshmi picture for you, in a golden frame.

Silver Donors:  Sacred Ash from Ganeshpuri Shiva Yaj~na — $501-$1,008

You receive a beautiful container of sacred ash from our Shiva fire ceremony.  Last December in Ganeshpuri, the brahmins invoked the presence and blessings of Shiva in an ecstatic all-day ceremony.  All that is concentrated in the ash, which Swamiji has kept on her personal puja for the last five months. 

Your donation between $501-1,008 will be doubled, while you put a dot of ash on your forehead before you meditate, for powerful boost to your inner experience. 

Gold Donors:  Golden Lakshmi Photo in a Golden Frame — $1,009-2,008

A beautiful picture of the Goddess Lakshmi in a golden frame brings you worldly blessings along with the spiritual support that the practice of dakshina (donations to the Ashram and Guru) always provides.  In addition, you receive the sacred ash from the Shiva yaj~na described above.

Your donation between $1,009-2,008 will be doubled, while you enjoy both inner and outer blessings, coming from your ash and your beautiful picture of a golden Lakshmi.

Platinum:  Golden Framed Lakshmi and Swamiji — $2,009 or more

A double golden frame, with pictures of Lakshmi and Swami Nirmalananda, accompany the container of sacred ash that you receive.  Appropriate for your puja (meditation altar), the pictures are a visual feast, depicting both spiritual blessings and worldly blessings paired in your golden frame.

Your donation of $2,009 or more will be doubled, while you enjoy both inner and outer blessings, coming from your ash and your golden framed Lakshmi and Swami Nirmalananda.

How to Double Your Donation

Please accept the Board members’ challenge to equal their generosity, to invest in your Ashram, thus to invest in your Self.  And enjoy Swamiji’s gift of ash along with the pictures available at the levels listed above.

For every $1 you donate, the Ashram receives $2.   Your gift of any size is meaningful and makes a difference in our ability to serve you.  Click here to donate. 

Let's Talk 

We’d love to discuss the Ashram with you as well as how your donation can make the biggest difference.  Please call us at 610-644-7555 and ask to speak with a Board member.  If none of us is immediately available, we’ll call you back within 24 hours.

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah

Svaroopa® Yoga

Supporting What Supports You


Your donations support the teachers and teachings that give you your Self.




Challenge yourself to grow. Challenge yourself to open your heart and your wallet. And then, challenge yourself to be aware of how your support, your investment, comes back to you.